beauty and the beast
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 The romance and grandeur of love is beautifully depicted in this story from France. Hear of a family's love and loyalty as the youngest daughter Bella takes on a heavy burden for her father. 
The Beauty and the Beast Story includes: 

-16 felt figures
-story summary 

These felt figures range in size from 1 inch to 5 ¼ inches tall. The classic story of Beauty and the Beast is a folk tale from France.

 size estimates: beauty in wedding dress is 5" tall b 3" wide, beast is about 5" tall. This is not the "Disney" version of Beauty & the Beast.

Available in precut (ready to use) or uncut(you need to cut out before use)

Backgrounds not included.


Additional information:
This story is of a merchant who has three daughters. Before he began a long journey he asked each of them what they would like as a gift when he returned. The oldest asked for a pearl necklace, the second asked for a golden chain and the youngest said she just wanted her father to return home safely. The father said she must choose something that he could bring with him when he came back, so she chose a simple rose. 

While the father was gone he found and bought the two necklaces. He did not want the rose to whither and die so he waited until his journey home to get a rose. Shortly before he reached his home, he passed a beautiful rosebush. He reached out and took the most beautiful rose. Suddenly a Beast appeared and in a commanding voice said the merchant's life was now his. The merchant told the Beast why he had taken the rose and begged for his life. The beast said he would spare the merchant's life but only if he brought Bella, the youngest daughter, to take the place of the father. Bella takes her father's place and over time learns to love the Beast. 

The Story included with your set is much more detailed and romantic, but we don't want to spoil the entire story for you! Your little princess is going to love the story of Beauty and the Beast. It will teach your kids about love and honesty.

Try reading the story of "Beauty and the Beast" by Marianna Mayer and Mercer Mayer, or another book by the same title is "Beauty and the Beast" by Jan Brett. Both of these books would be a lot of fun to read and play out with your felt figures. Try visiting your local library and see if you can find them! 



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Beauty and The Beast Felt Figures For Flannel Board

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