blue flannel baord
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This is a basic flannel board that can be used for just about anything. IF just starting you felt collection, then this is a must.

32"x48" in size.

Comes in:

-mounted (cardboard-backed) background, ready to use, folds in half for easy storage.

-unmounted Background (felt cover) to make your own flannel board. Background image is 32" x 48" with a 2" border around all sides. You can attach the cover to plywwod, coroplast, heavy cardboard or whatever you want. You can also drape this over a flannel board you already have or attach to an easel with clothes pines. It can also be used as is.  Attach it to a wall or lay it on a table or the floor ad you are ready to go.



  • Manufacturer: Little Folk Visuals

Blue Flannel Board Large 32" x 48" background

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