Castle Princess Tales
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It's a land of make-believe where six favorite fairy tales come to life! Stories include: Cinderella, Princess and the Frog, Princess and the Peas, Rumplestiltskin, Sleeping Beauty and St. George and the Dragon. The stories are put to music on the Cd. You will be able to hear the story told and then your child can also learn these beautiful, catchy tunes that tell the Princess Fairy Tales and Stories. The Castle Tales CD includes: - Hansel and Gretel Story - Hansel and Gretel Song - The Frog Prince Story - The Frog Prince Song - Rumpelstiltskin Story - Rumpelstiltskin Song - Cinderella Story - Cinderella Song - Princess and the Pea Story - Princess and the Pea Song - Sleeping Beauty Story - Sleeping Beauty Song - St. George and the Dragon Story - St. George and the Dragon Song The approximate running time of this CD is 53 minutes and 8 seconds.

Set includes:

  • mounted background
  • 78 figures
  • 12 coloring and sequencing pages, six stories, lessons,
  • CD with story narrations and songs.

Choose a medium background board - 15" x 23" and figures or a large background board - 23" x 31" and figures.

Figures are available in precut (ready to use) or uncut(you need to cut out before use)

Please note: These figures are not the modern day Disney Princess Characters.

Mounted boards typically can not be shipped outside of the 48 states. Please allow an additional week for order processing. 

  • Manufacturer: Story Time Felts

Castle Tales Felt Set 6 Stories, 78 figures & Flannel Board +CD

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