Dino Days TOGGLE
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Dinosaurs felt toggle Set includes:
- 30 felt figures
- Dino Days toggle Book
- Toggle Book Bag
- Lesson
- Worksheet
- activities

Toggle books are double sided. They have a background on one side and a background on the other. There is coroplast in the middle. It folds in half like a book. It is portable and can be used anywhere. Great for travel, home use, centers or quiet time.

The lessons and activities that are included are another great way to learn and play. There are suggestions for a lesson, snack, an activity and art project. There are also enrichment ideas that include an emphasis in math, phonics, and color. A matching game and coloring activities are also included.

Learn activities for the Dinosaurs felt file folder game include:

- Reading Readiness-Match lower case alphabet to lower case eggs.
- Math-Match and sequence numbers
- Colors-Match color objects to the color words
- Visual Discrimination-match and mismatch tops and bottoms.

Available in precut or uncut.

  • Manufacturer: Story Time Felts

Dino Days Dinosaur Toggle Book- 30 felt figures +board+more!

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