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There's no limit to the fun kids can have on a farm - especially Grandpa's Farm! There will be endless hours of creative play and learning. Children can make up their own stories or retell old favorites like "Charlotte's Web"!

This set includes stories and approximately 50 felt figures. Literature includes a story, information about each animal, lesson ideas for sorting, matching and games.  Figures include a nice assortment of barnyard animals, people, tools and spider web words for telling Charlotte's web (humble, radiant, terrific, and some pig.)   Flannel Board is not included.

Comes in uncut or precut figures

Comes in large or small

Large figure size estimates (all sizes are approximate): Grandpa 6.5" tall, barn 13" tall by 14.5" wide, orange kitty 2", sheep 4"x3.25", turkey 2.5" x 3", pig 3" x 2", house 11.5" x 5.5", horse 7"x7", corn field is 17" long

Small figure size estimates: grandpa 4.5" tall, house 7" tall, barn 9" tall, rake 3.25" tall, pig 2"x1.5", cornfield 11..25" long

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  • Manufacturer: Story Time Felts

Grandpa's Farm Figure Set Only + Literature

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