Grandpas Farm Set
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There's no limit to the fun kids can have on a farm - especially Grandpa's Farm! There will be endless hours of creative play and learning. Children can make up their own stories or retell old favorites like "Charlotte's Web"! Choose from a 15” x 23” or 23” x 31” mounted background. Come with appropriately sized 47 figures, stories and a CD with 15 delightful songs that will bring the animals and farm to life.


Songs titles from the Grandpa's Farm CD include:
- Old McDonald
- What's for Lunch Farmer Jones
- Chicken Little
- The Peacock
- My Favorite Animal
- I've Got a Secret
- The Animal Parade
- I Want a Wooly, Wooly Sweater
- At the Barnyard Dance
- I'm a Little Peacock
- What will we do with the Milk Farmer Jones?
- Have you Ever Seen a Llama in Pajamas?
- The Turkey Trot
- Animal Language
- All the Little Babies are Born each Spring

CD running time is approximately 44 minutes and 8 seconds.


Available in precut (ready to use) or uncut(you need to cut out before use)

Flannel boards come mounted or unmounted and in 2 different sizes" large 23" x31" and small 15" x 23" Felt figures will be sized accordingly.

Mounted backgrounds can not ship outside of the 48 states. 


  • Manufacturer: Story Time Felts

Grandpa's Farm Set Figures flannel Board Cd Literature

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