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"Nibble, Nibble like a mouse. Who's that nibbling at my house?" The classic Story of Hansel and Gretel comes to life with this felt version! 

This Hansel and Gretel felt story Set includes: 
- 22 felt figures
- Literature
- Coloring page

The figures of the Hansel and Gretel felt story range from about 1 ½ inches to 10 inches in size. 

The Hansel and Gretel felt story is beautifully detailed and will help you and your child tell one of the best-loved stories. Children love to imagine the yummy candy and gingerbread house and can relate to Hansel and Gretel. At many times in life we have to deal with others who are unkind to use and treat us badly. Hansel and Gretel overcome their mean stepmother and the witch of the gingerbread house while still being kind. 

You can teach the importance of asking before you take or touch something that doesn't belong to you with the Hansel and Gretel felt story. Also teach the qualities of being prepared, forgiveness and self-reliance. There are so many things your kids will earn while they are playing. They won't even realize they are learning. 


Available in precut (ready to use) or uncut(you need to cut out before use)

Backgrounds not included.

  • Manufacturer: Story Time Felts

Hansel & Gretel Felt Figures For Flannel Board

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