This background can be used for all outdoor scenes when combined with the overlay scenes (sold separately). Add a Shoreline and you're on the edge of the Sea of Galilee; add the opposite Shoreline and you're looking out over the Jordan River; add the Desert or Meadow and you're transported to Sinai or listening to the Sermon on the Mount.  32"x48" mounted (cardboard-backed) background.  Folds in half for easy storage.

Similar items available in different sizes and options.

We may substitute either Betty Lukens or Little Folk Visuals if needed. They are identical.

For your convenience, you can add the mounted or unmounted versions to your cart on this page.

Mounted means cardboard backing is already attached and it is ready to use. Unmounted means it is just the flannel/felt cover to make your own.

There is about a 2" allowance on all side to easily attach your cover to the desired backing. You can mount the cover on corregated cardboard, coroplast, plywood or whatever you wish.  We recommend using velcro, strong adhesive tape or spray glue.

  • Manufacturer: Little Folk Visuals

Water & Sky Felt Board Large 32" x 48" Mounted

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